2019 -09-18 - NB Chambers of Commerce Selected as Finalists in National Competition

For Immediate Release

September 16, 2019 – A consortium of chambers of commerce in New Brunswick have been selected to compete in the national Influence in Action Competition during the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting in Saint John on September 21nd.  The Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, and Atlantic Chambers of Commerce will provide over 400 delegates with an overview of the 2018 provincial election advocacy program entitled We Choose Growth. This multi-stakeholder program coordinated the interests and influence of business organizations across the province in efforts to promote increased investment, jobs and growth in the provincial economy.


“We are honoured to have been selected as one of the three finalists in the Influence in Action Competition, said David Duplisea, CEO of the Saint John Chamber of Commerce and host city for the 2019 Canadian Chamber of Commerce conference. “And we are happy to share our challenges and successes with chamber representatives from across the country, as we all strive to create conditions for a Canada that wins.”


“New Brunswick chambers of commerce are proud of the attention that our We Choose Growth campaign attracted among candidates from all parties during last year’s election campaign,” said Krista Ross, CEO of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. “We were pleased the campaign included consideration of how a business-friendly environment benefits all New Brunswickers.”


We Choose Growth highlighted the consensus among business organizations, academics and local thought leaders that government needs to act quickly to improve the province’s economic outcomes,” said John Wishart, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton. “The publicity associated with We Choose Growth, allowed voters to better understand how improving the health of local businesses also improves their individual prosperity.”

“The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce was pleased to work with and promote engagement of chambers of commerce from across the province,” said Sheri Somerville, CEO of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. “Our 38 chambers in New Brunswick and the more than 5,600 businesses they represent, all subscribe to the position that government needs to ease the burden on business if they want them to continue to invest in New Brunswick and create jobs for New Brunswickers.”

We Choose Growth continues to influence the dialogue between business and government. The framework of issues represents a year-long effort by chambers of commerce, the NB Business Council and the Conseil Économique du Nouveau-Brunswick to emphasize the urgency associated with the province’s challenging economic and demographic performance. More information about We Choose Growth and supporting partners are available
at http://www.wechoosegrowth.ca/.


For more information, please contact

David Duplisea, CEO Saint John Chamber of Commerce

Krista Ross, CEO, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce

Sylvain Montreuil, Director, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton

Patti Colson, Coordinator – Communications & PR, Atlantic Chamber of Commerce