About Us

For small and medium-sized businesses who need to be in good stand in terms of compliance and profitability, is a software, developed with the purpose of supporting these businesses, to overcome the hurdles of succeeding in their competitive environment, and to guarantee that their operation would be in good stand in terms of compliance, competitiveness, and profitability. That provides control in terms of Planning, Budgeting, Financials, Accounting, Asset Management, Purchase Ordering, Pricing, Sales Ordering, Tax Calculation, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Reports, Charts, Integrations, and much more. Unlike competitors, our product allows a friendly operation since its start, an easy, flawless and fast implementation, as well as its operation which is simple and intuitive as any software should be. Our solution is accessible from any device, then, end-users can take advantage of using the features of their favorite web-browser (that they are used to work with) as an extension of the software. From the technology perspective, we have a cost-effective web-based solution with the best user experience that takes the most out of device’s capabilities such as touchscreens, cameras, and apps. From the business side, we turn businessperson into more confident decision makers, with real-time access to well-organized information, and ability to recognize factors affecting company’s profitability and to make decisions not too late. We empower them to manage the whole company from anywhere, anytime, at their fingertips, and much more.

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Elio Pereira
  • Phone: (819) 213-9264