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I was introduced to the #1 Most researched Nutritional Product in the world in 2018, whole vine-ripened fruits, and veggies in capsules & gummies, with a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, and with each adult subscription a child between 4 and 25 yrs old can get theirs for free, I was in and it changed our health forever!

I explored their Aeroponic Gardens. My husband at first thought I was kidding around wanting to buy an aeroponic garden with my failing track record to keeping house plants alive (even the low-maintenance ones).

I've been able to supply our household with food for months on end and save $ on our groceries! We're talking lettuce, kale, swiss chards, strawberries, celery, fine herbs and spices, cucumbers, peas, string beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions, and the list goes on! There are over 150 different plants we can grow in our kitchen all year long!

So I'm very passionate about helping people create a reliable and affordable source of nutrition with the current state of affairs!

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Mrs. Danielle Bercier