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About Us

Forest NB is a non-government, non-profit organization that represents forest industry members in dealings with government, public, and various special interest groups. Forest NB is made up of pulp, paper, solid wood manufacturing companies, consultants, contractors, dealers, institutions, and individuals. It is the voice of the forest industry and provides its members with a variety of benefits including:

Coordination of interests
Participating in policy and planning development
Representation to public, organizations and governments
Participating in solution proposals
Staying abreast of local, regional and global industry issues and activities
Information sharing
Training programs
Special committees, annual meetings, conferences, and special events
Meetings and Networking opportunities
Office space for meetings and administrative support

If you interested in receiving more information about becoming a member of Forest NB or simply have questions relating to membership in Forest NB, please contact us directly at or by calling (506) 452- 6939.